Couples massage in Denver and Boulder

What a treat for couples to savor a soothing massage simultaneously at Boulder Denver’s Deserving Body Massage! Couples massage therapy is rapidly growing in popularity, as couples realize the benefits of this special time together. You and your loved one can enjoy your relaxation together, inspiring closeness, while reminding each other of the joy that sharing such experiences jointly can bring.*

Couples massage typically happens in one of two modes. A massage therapist can provide a soothing massage to one person at a time, or two massage therapists can massage you and your sweetums at the same time. (You will be together in the same room, each on your own personal massage table)

What Are the Benefits of Couples Massage?

  • Stress relief and amazing relaxation!
  • Allows couples to create a closer relationship
  • Allows men/women to be introduced to massage in a safe and comfortable environment
  • You and your sweetie will enjoy a blissful hour of massage, while boosting your health and mental awareness together!

Share a wonderful experience together

We will do everything possible to offer a pleasant experience that speaks to your loving bond. I/we are dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding services in a friendly, peaceful, and blissful atmosphere.*

Enjoy hot stone massage therapy, Thai Yoga massage, Swedish massage, and deep tissue massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home in Boulder or Denver. We also offer acupuncture to accompany a partners’ massage.

Anytime is the perfect time for a couples massage. Celebrations, anniversaries, special days, any day, and any hour can be the right occasion for strengthening your bond with the person you love.*

Denver/Boulder Couple's Massage Rates

  • Couple's Table Massage - $180 for 60 minute session

  • Couple's Thai Massage or MRT - $200 for 60 minute session

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*Boulder and Denver Colorado's Deserving Body Massage Therapy services are lesbian and gay friendly.

You and your partner (or spouse) should always feel right at home with us. :-)