The Magnitude of Human Touch

Human Touch can have profound effects on physical and emotional well being. We have all experienced moments when the touch of a hand on our shoulder or a reassuring hug was all that was needed to reduce our fear, anxiety, or loneliness.

Often we regard touch as an amorphous, nonspecific kind of thing. But it isn't always. Touching can make you roll over with laughter and giggles. A touch from a friend can make you feel that all is going to be ok.

Because touching sometimes has a number of uncomfortable associations, and with very little provocation, it seems we flee from it. Aside from a brisk handshake or an occasional embrace at the airport gate, touching just isn't a big part of our culture.

For all humans and mammals, touch is clearly important developmentally.

Touching can:

  • Foster our peace of mind, reassures us
  • Reduce our anxiety levels
  • Help us deal positively in relieving mental stress
  • Promote a relaxed state of mental alertness
  • Improve our capacity for calmer thinking and creativity channels
  • Increase awareness of your mind-body connection
  • Enhance our ability to monitor stress signals and respond timely and appropriately
  • Comfort us, giving us a feeling of being nurtured
  • Enhance feelings of well-being
  • Help fight off disease

Various studies have shown that when someone else gently holds a person's wrist, heartbeat slows and blood pressure declines. Children and adolescents, hospitalized for psychiatric problems, show remarkable reductions in anxiety levels and positive changes in attitude when they receive a brief daily back rub.

Americans, particularly as they become more aware of the potential benefits of touch, are starting to do something about it. This change is especially tangible in the healing arts. More of us are turning to the hands-on skills of chiropractors, massage therapists, and other body workers, for a multitude of bodywork solutions.

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