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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simply Syndication) allows you to bypass using e-mail altogether. By subscribing to our RSS website feed; this saves you time by not needing to check your e-mails. This also keeps your e-mail box free of clutter! To find out more about RSS feeds, please read on.

More about RSS
I've been seeing orange RSS or XML buttons more and more, what are they?

It's is thought of as "the next big thing" on the internet. You can use RSS to get newsfeeds from CNN, NPR, some of your favorite websites, as well as just about anything else - including news and updates on upcoming movies, DVD releases, new music CD releases, your favorite band's tour updates, etc.

Once you get started, it's like having your favorite parts of the Web come to you. No need to go out and check for updates all the time.

No more bookmarks!

If "RSS" means "Really Simple Syndication, why does it sound so complicated?

This is just a stylish way of saying that you can keep up with all the updates to sites (such as Deserving Body Massage) without having to check the site every 3 weeks to see what the new discount specials are. Whenever I put up a new page or update an old one, I release it through RSS.

This gives the best of massage info and upcoming massage specials without you having to spend hours on my site. (Unless you’d rather spend hours on my site!)

Isn’t RSS is amazing? If you can't tell, I'm completely addicted to it. No e-mail. No spam. And it’s also so easy to subscribe and unsubscribe. It's awesome! Once you catch on, you'll soon be tracking all your other favorite interests and news in the world.

How do you get started? Easy!
Yahoo! and MSN and Google have fantastic, easy, one-step solutions.

Did you ever see little buttons like these next to the RSS feeds?

These buttons make it easy for you to merely to click on the button of your choice - which will then add us to your news on your Yahoo!, Google, or MSN. And that's it! You're subscribed.Now, you may not use any of these conveniences of “My Yahoo”, “My Google”, or “My MSN”.

If not, you’d then go for the alternative step, which is using an RSS reader of your very own.

You should download free RSS Reader first This is special software that reads the "RSS feeds" from the largest news organizations right down to little ole us...

Windows -- RssReader

Mac -- NetNewsWire

Once you're set up, here's all you have to do...

Right-click (control-click for Mac users) on any orange RSS button on a website, blog or news source that interests you. Start by right-clicking on the orange button below. Then...

Select Copy Shortcut ("Copy Link to Clipboard" for Mac), and paste that URL into your RSS Reader.

And that's it! You're subscribed.


Don't want to download new software? It’s very easy to set up a free Yahoo or MSN account. Remember Yahoo!, MSN and Google make it extremely easy for you to sign up for RSS feeds. Just click one of their supplied buttons...

Have fun and enjoy your freedom away from your e-mail inbox! Our specials will just be a click away. *smile*

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