Therapeutic Massage in the Comfort of Your Boulder or Denver Home

There’s no place like home. The comforts and privacy of our homes provide a welcome retreat from anything we may encounter in our public lives. For some of us, receiving a therapeutic massage outside the home may not be an option: perhaps your spouse has the car; you are a wheelchair user (and find it more comfortable being at home); you are blind and prefer an environment you are already familiar with; or you simply prefer the comfort of your home setting to thoroughly relax. Whatever the reason, I offer reasonable rates for therapeutic home massage.

I will bring the materials required including massage table or mat, linens & other supplies. I even offer Hot Stone massage with my own roaster & stones! If you live outside a 10 mile radius of South Boulder, Colorado please call and we can negotiate a travel rate. Or - include a massage for another friend or family member to offset the rate of additional travel required.

Make an appointment for Housecall Massage
in Boulder or Denver
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