I’m very shy. Do I have to be
undressed for massage?

Some of us in this society equate massage with all that’s between you and your therapist is a sheet. Not so for all! America now is garnering knowledge on all the different styles of massages used across the world. There are several massage styles in which you do not need to disrobe. Below are some of the non-disrobing massage types that I provide currently.

Chair Massage

This is also known as “Corporate Chair Massage”. You are completely clothed in whatever apparel is most comfortable for you. Chair massage typically occurs at an "on-site" venue, (ie: workplace, storefront) and is of relatively short duration.

Basically, a particular body region is addressed as per client request and I incorporate elements of Swedish, Thai, and Neuromuscular therapy as the situation and client dictates. There is very little, if any, massage oil or lotion used.

Thai/Shiatsu Massage Therapy

You, the client, are completely clothed, preferably loose, comfortable cotton shirt & pants. This will allow for greater range of movement, as these modalities are sometimes equated to assisted Yoga.

Both Thai and Shiatsu massage techniques involve stretching, holding and leaning the therapists' body weight into various parts of the your body.

This is performed to improve energy flow, blood circulation, flexibility and posture.

The session is conducted on the floor with a futon-type mat for comfort. Along with a body that has become lengthened, broadened, and more open with the dynamic moves comes the peace and serenity associated with relaxation massage. With Thai Massage - there are no massage oils used.

BMT (Body Mobilization Technique)

You, the client are completely clothed akin to Thai/Shiatsu modalities. However, BMT (Body Mobilization Techniques) is done on a massage table.

The movements applied by the therapist are akin to a dance- rhythmic rocking and smooth, fluid manipulations - and the client's body feels lighter as a result.

This BMT technique uses motion in muscles and joints to produce particular and specific sensory feelings - positive, pleasurable feelings that begin to trigger tissue changes. There is no massage oil or lotion used.


Again, you are completely clothed in whatever apparel is most comfortable for you.

Reflexology is a form of bodywork based on the application of pressure to either the feet, hands, or both, for the purpose of promoting health. Pressure to reflexes found on the feet and hands can affect the regions of the body to which they correspond, including organs.

Either a reflexology chair or massage table may be utilized to conduct this massage. This modality is extremely soothing and relaxing. There is little to no massage oil or lotion used.

*Please remember to always re-hydrate by drinking plenty of water following your massage for at least 24 hours. This will help flush out toxins such as lactic acid as well as reduce any residual soreness that you may experience (especially after a deep tissue massage).

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