Muscle Release Technique and Therapy

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I am pleased to offer Muscle Release Technique (MRT) as a therapeutic massage option. It doesn't matter what causes your discomfort, be it from tight muscles or injury, muscle tension release will offer relief to your chronic pain.

When injury occurs, we are often instructed by our primary doctor to see a physical therapist. This is so you can regain mobility and find relief from the pain incurred from the injury.

In a similar treatment pattern as Thai massage, MRT relies upon flexibility as the key toward relief for most chronic pain problems.

In our muscle release therapy sessions, I will work to improve your flexibility in areas where tight muscles have created pain patterns. This could be forearm and wrist tension associated with carpal tunnel syndrome or lower leg musclular tension that is the principal cause of plantar fasciitis.

Best of all, Muscle Release Technique works to relieve pain in just about any area of the body, so problems like:

become problems that can find resolution.

Utilizing muscle tension release techniques, we will improve your well-being with an active isolated stretch method in conjunction with moderate pressure on the belly of the muscle.

We will also work to retrain your muscle memory. To achieve complete success, it is imperative that regular, proper stretching (that I will show you) becomes a part of your daily life.

With renewed flexibility, you will feel more alive as circulation is restored to areas previously congested. In addition, any inflammation is decreased in areas that are treated. If you have tension or pain resulting from chronic use, injury, or seemingly no known cause, most likely you have short, tight muscles that are restricting circulation and causing inflammation.

It may be time to literally "loosen up" and gain control over any nagging pain problems with muscle release therapy.

Please note that this is also a clothed massage option and is typically done on a massage table, though I regularly fuse Muscle Release Technique into Thai mat work.

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