Need to take deep breather? Massage bolsters your respiratory system.

Massage boosts your respiratory system by deepening and stabilizing your breathing patterns. This in turn benefits your lungs and muscles in which aid in slowing your breathing, promoting relaxation.

Some benefits of massage and your respiratory system are:

  • Normalizing your breathing through release of tention in your breathing structures (such as your rib cage and muscles required for respiration)
  • Massage helps relieve congestion in your lungs
  • Massage increases the actions of your heart, which stimulates blood flow to and from your lungs. This in turn helps with flushing waste.
  • Massage fosters the absorption of oxygen
  • With regular massage, some people notice and report a decrease in their asthma symptoms, as well as less difficulty breathing!

Massage also benefits your:

Circulatory, Lymph, and Cardio-Vascular Systems

Emotional Well-Being

Muscular System

Nervous System

Psychological Well-Being

Your Skeletal System



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