How Massage Benefits Your Muscular System

Massage encourages the nutrition and development of the muscular system by stimulating its circulation, nerve supply, and cell activity. Regular and systematic body massage causes the muscles to become firmer and more elastic, as well as flexible, and pliable.

More specifically how massage benefits your muscular system:

  • Increases your blood supply and nutrition to your muscles. This helps nourish muscle tissue

  • Massage helps prevent and relieve stiffness and soreness of the muscles

  • Reduces chronic muscular tension and pain

  • Reduces your muscle and soft tissue pain.

  • Massage stimulates circulation of the blood and lymph

  • Nourishes the muscles of your skin

  • Relaxes and lengthens your muscles

  • Massage stretches your connective tissue, which enhances your range of motion

  • Helps your muscles recover more quickly after exertion

  • Massage heals injured muscle tissue due to less connective tissue build-up and scaring

  • Relaxes your muscles, thus effectively quelling spasms, tension, and cramping

  • Reduces and breaks down adhersions (knots) and fibrosis

  • Reduces tissue injury, inflammation, and muscle strain

  • Massage helps to re-establish your proper muscular tone

  • Improves motor skills!

  • Massage decreases lower back pain

  • Aids in removal of accumulated metabolic waste products

  • Massage helps prevent muscle atrophy (long periods of injury bed-rest, paralysis, etc)

  • Helps improve body alignment (due to less muscle tension)

  • Re-establishes muscle tone

  • Decreases headaches and migraines due to muscle tension release


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