How massage strengthens your skeletal system

It’s amazing, almost mind blowing to truly realize all the benefits massage can do for you, your body, and your mind. Massage helps fortify our joints and bones, making for less achy feet, less back pain, while also improving your posture!

Massage benefits your skeletal system by:

  • Improving the circulation and nutrients of your joints
  • Massage also decreases inflammation, which thereby restoring range of motion (helping increase your range of joint movement)
  • Releasing joint strain, through releasing right muscles and tendons
  • Massage increases the ease and efficieny of your movements
  • Helps increase the retention of phosphorous, nitrogen, and sulphur in the bones (which aids fracture healing)
  • Massage increases joint mobility (via reducing thicking of connective tissues)
  • Helps release restrcions in the facia (connected tissues)
  • Massage breaks down scar tissues and frees adhesions (knots)
  • Improves muscle tone, balance by reducing physical stress ultimately places on your bones and joints
  • And lastly, with regular massage, greatly improves your posture!

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