How massage improves your Circulatory, Lymphatic, and Cardio-Vascular Systems

Massage techniques enhance the quality and quantity of blood coursing through your circulatory system. With the increased flow of blood to the massaged area, cellular nutrition is boosted while toxin eliminations are facilitated.

Massage yields amazing benefits to your circulatory system:

  • The work of the heart is lessened due to the improvement in surface circulation.
  • Massage increases the nutrition of the tissues via an increased exchange of fluids and materials, thus producing dilation of the blood vessels (which helps to improve your circulation.)
  • Massage, via the mechanical actions on the soft tissues
  • Massage helps reduce pain due to the irritation of nerves that control your circulatory system.
  • Massage enhances the elimination of the waste products from your metabolism.
  • Massage helps to reduce swelling and contusions.
  • Massage increases the number of red and white blood cells platelets in your circulation.
  • Massage has the overall effect of lowering your blood pressure and reduces your pulse rate.
  • Massage facilitates tissue healing through the enhancement of circulation.
  • Massage increases tissue fluid and assists lymphatic circulation thus reducing swelling while enhancing your immune system
  • Massage increases both your venous and lymphatic flow
  • With massage, the blood-making process is boosted, resulting in an increase in the number of red and white blood cells.
  • Due to most massage movements are directed towards the heart, this facilitates the flow of venous (through your veins) blood and lymph back toward the heart and organs.
  • Friction-type movements in massage hasten the flow of blood through the superficial veins, increasing the permeability of the capillaries, which produces an increased flow of interstitial fluid, which creates a healthier environment for your cells.Friction, kneading, and stroking movements stimulate lymph circulation
  • Kneading movements of massage stimulates the flow of blood through the deeper arteries and veins
  • Pressure against the vessels not only tones their muscular walls but also accelerates the movement of the blood
  • Dilates blood vessels (helps work more efficiently)
  • Massage decreases blood pressure due to dilation of your capillaries
  • Massage reduces ischaemia (reduction of blood flow to body parts, often marked by pain and tissue dysfunction)
  • Reduced oedema (excess fluid in tissue)
  • Massage strengthens your immune system
  • Assists healing after surgery, as circulation is boosted (massage around the area to be stimulated)
  • Waste products and toxins are moved away from the cells more easily
  • Massage assists your body in pumping more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs
  • Increases blood circulation, increasing life span!

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