Hot Stone Massage Therapy
in Boulder and Denver

Hot stone massage - the mere mention of hot stones in conjunction with massage therapy seemingly melts away tension. It could be a chilly day outside and the heat transferred from stone to client body will provide an inner warmth with the charged energy of hot stones. Often, preparing a client for deeper massage work can be started out with hot stones. Principally, though, hot stone massage treatment provides deep relaxation, calming and soothing clients no matter the season.

History of Hot Stone Massage

Evidence of the therapeutic aspects of using heated stones can be found for centuries in cultures around the globe: Native Americans have used them in sweat lodge ceremonies; Chinese & Japanese cultures have used movement with hot stones for treatment; hot lava stones are used in Polynesian cultures to enhance massage treatment; and European cultures have utilized hot stones beyond the sauna, infusing a heated element with Swedish massage techniques. In all hot stone applications there is a sublime sense of relaxation absorbed by the recipient of the hot stones, while enhancing circulation and helping relieve conditions such as insomnia and headaches.

Hot Stone Massage for You

I incorporate some of the sedentary and energetic elements of La Stone therapy with the active component of Japanese hot stone techniques to provide either a 60 or 90 minute complete session. Stone movement requires massage oil as lubricant, and we offer to blend essential oils into the base oil if so desired. The movement is done with consideration of meridians and muscular structure, in an effort to soothe tense muscles and tight fascia while activating any stagnant qi . Sedentary and energetic elements include a spinal layout (though NOT directly on the spine as indicated by many photos of hot stone treatments), sacral stones, and those placed directly into client hands and between toes.

The stones I utilize derive from the Great Lakes region and I frequently recharge these stones by placing them on a bed of sea salt – additionally - these stones are brought outside to recharge with the sun and moon energies. The stones are thoroughly disinfected after every use, and rotated with new stones.

For maximum benefit, clients should allow direct contact of the hot stones to skin with proper draping to ensure privacy. I do offer hot stone treatment through clothing, either with chair massage or Thai massage (in lieu of using the Thai herbal compress).

Melt with a Hot Stones Massage

Allow yourself to absorb the deeply relaxing therapeutic benefits of a hot stone massage in our treatment room or in the comfort of your home. Take a step beyond envisioning how wonderful hot stones must feel to experiencing this exquisite form of therapeutic heat firsthand.

Healthful Benefits of Massage Therapy

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