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How Can Boulder, Colorado's Deserving Body Massage Help Me?

Do you find that you occasionally suffer through periods of restless sleep? Overflowing thoughts about a stressful work project; or an achy neck are diminishing your sleep quality? You know that your body needs that rest to adequately recharge, but where do you seek relief?

It could be a chronic muscle tension that seems to accumulate in your upper back and shoulder region that adversely affects your ever waking hour, to the point that you crave compassionate relief from experienced hands.

Maybe as an athletic person you often contend with moderate low-back pain, sore muscles and joints that inhibit your activity (and worse - causes you to adjust your movements to minimize the pain). You wonder, “How well could I perform athletically without having to accommodate this discomfort?”

At Boulder’s Deserving Body Massage, I am committed to providing inspired bodywork with your well-being at heart. You will find a professional massage therapist offering affordable rates for exceptional service - either in my treatment room in downtown Boulder or in the comfort of your home or workplace.

I will work with you to develop a realistic program for better health that may include particular stretches and breathing exercises to complement a nourishing bodywork session.

There are many therapeutic massage options offered by my practice here in Boulder and Denver Colorado


What Type(s) of Massage Should I Consider Getting?

For instance, if your work or prolonged postural problems have caused your shoulders to be inwardly rotated, you may require therapeutic massage that encourages your upper torso to be reconditioned with facilitated movement. Thai massage could be the best option in this scenario as the slow, sustained, assisted moves of Thai massage provide greater opening to congested regions.

Perhaps you are an athlete preparing for an important event and would like to supplement your traditional preparation with creative bodywork that encourages loose musculature ready for any event. In this case, we find that a Thai session 2-3 days prior to the event and pre-event sports massage techniques 1 day prior to the event enables you to reach your higher potential.

If you simply require thorough relaxation, Hot Stone or Swedish massage therapy could be the most appropriate massage style for you. In conjunction, the flushing movements of Swedish are incorporated with my Hot Stone work, so that you could experience the incredible calming influence of hot stones with the active Swedish massage movements to promote enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Even deeper myofascial release (deep tissue work) could be complemented by the usage of hot stones to prepare you for deeper, trigger-point work.

Whatever the type of massage therapy style you choose, please realize that I seek to fulfill your goals from each therapeutic session. The enriching effects should linger beyond your session, enabling you to feel more at ease in your daily life.

Be kind to your body, mind, and spirit with therapeutic bodywork at Denver & Boulder's Deserving Body Massage. I look forward to assisting you in achieving your bodywork balance.

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