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Thai massage is about openness. Sometimes referred to as “Thai Yoga massage”, this openness is derived from the physical sense of the body feeling lengthened and broadened.

The techniques involve stretching, holding and leaning the therapist’s body weight into various parts of the client’s body to improve energy flow, blood circulation, flexibility and posture.

By utilizing feet, elbows, forearms, and knees, the therapist broadens the effects of “hands-on massage”, creating a sensation that a therapeutic dance is underway. An incredible physical (and possibly even emotional) opening often occurs leaving the recipient rejuvenated with an enhanced range-of-motion.

There is also a core serenity that accompanies this massage modality. Everyone benefits from the subtleties underlying the physical aspects of improved well being. Along with a body that has become lengthened, broadened, and more open with the dynamic moves are the peace and serenity associated with relaxation massage.

Relying on an approach of communication through touch, Thai massage is quite similar to Shiatsu; both are rooted in the Eastern understanding that energy forms the basis of all life, and that this energy travels along pathways throughout the body.

Performed on a Thai mat with the client clothed, the massage practitioner works to clear any obstruction, facilitating unhindered energy flow throughout the body.

As a tradition celebrated for its healing qualities and principles of compassion, Thai massage provides a relaxed and peaceful state for the recipient. After all, Thai massage is a physical expression based on four divine states of the mind: loving kindness, compassion, vicarious joy, and calmness.

How should I prepare for my Thai Massage?

The client should be prepared for a therapeutic Thai massage session by wearing (or bringing to the session) loose-fitting cotton shirt and pants. This is apparel that is customary in the practice of yoga, as the body is free to expand and stretch without restriction. You may choose to be barefoot for optimum contact or retain your socks for added comfort.

As an added sensation try the Thai herbal massage ball. This is a traditional massage tool that can help relieve muscular aches and strain. Please note that it also energizes tired muscles after strenuous activities.

With essential relaxing properties from twenty different herbs, the steamed massage ball can stretch ligaments and reduce muscular soreness, bruises, and joint stiffness. It also promotes healthy blood circulation.

The herbs include the following: Cryptolepis Buchannai Roaem that helps ease muscular tension, Camphor that helps cold conditions dissipate and enhance circulation, Turmeric, renowned for its helpful effects with skin conditions, Kaffir Lime that can help decrease dizziness, and the soft scent of Lemon Grass may make you feel more relaxed.

Go in peace.

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