Why American Sign Language Interpreters Vitally Need Massage

Interpreters are unsung heroes. At the very core of your profession is the capacity to convey meaning passed from one source to another while retaining the necessary compassion and understanding to aptly express this meaning. Along the way, the profession exacts significant strain on arms, hands, the mind and emotions as well. It is imperative that some preventative measures are taken to ensure that your livelihood, your passion for interpreting, remains vital for many years ahead.

A program consisting of daily self-maintenance and regular massage therapy may be the means to provide the necessary relief. Therapeutic massage has been proven to reduce the impact associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, yet it is crucial to develop regular maintenance for your well-being to avoid any unnecessary physical trauma.

There are many methods of therapeutic massage available to relieve stress, tension, and muscle pain; however, interpreters do require extra attention for your hands, forearms, upper arms, and shoulder region. That is why a self-maintenance program to warm up these regions, similar to stretching before a workout, is absolutely necessary.

I always provide a realistic program of regular stretches for clients so that the beneficial effects garnered from therapeutic massage expand beyond the session.

I am committed to finding the right approach for each individual to achieve your well-being. For interpreters, it may be twice/monthly massage (such as Thai massage) to specifically open and expand the shoulder region while providing thorough relaxation and relief for the rest of the body; or a weekly on-site table or chair massage to ease high-tension muscle areas as possible therapeutic massage options.

Discounts are available for groups (such as meetings or conferences), on-site massage relief, as well as regularly scheduled bodywork.

Treat your body with the care and compassion it deserves.

In Peace,

John Rasch

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