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Instant Gift Certificates!

Update: 3/05/07 We are not using Spaboom gift certificates anymore.

Please contact me directly to purchase gift certificates

Please disregard this page as it floats out into cyberspace. My apologies.

These online gift certificates for massage are not like what you see at other websites. Instant Gift Certificates can be automatically and immediately printed or e-mailed. Quickly and easily choose your design, personalize your message, and send it to the recipient of your choice!

Quick, easy, and exceptionally convenient.

With instant gift certificates here at Denver Boulder Deserving Body Massage, you are able to:

  • Choose from a large selection of eye-catching gift certificate designs.

  • Choose from an array of massage services all with a few mouse clicks.

  • Instantly send your certificate (via e-mail) or print-out your massage gift certificate with your own custom message.

  • Have your gift certificate delivered via e-mail specifically on the day of your choosing.

  • Complete entire process takes less than a few minutes! It’s easy and fun!

Get Your Massage Gift Certificate Now!

Online Instant Gift Certificates make for A Wonderful Gift!

Get an instant gift certificate in less than a few minutes!

Schedule an appointment automatically and easily

See remarkable benefits of massage for your health and mind

Stay comfortable in massage attire

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