How to Beat Stress

14 Ways to combat stress

1. Try yoga. Yoga has been long used for centuries in helping relieve stress. Yoga helps limber your muscles, while helping your mind the focus and have relaxing thoughts.

2. Try Thai-Chi. This is another art that has been around for quite a long while, which helps keep your mind fresh, and body refreshed.

3. Meditation. Meditation is easy to learn while providing multiple mental and physical health benefits.

4. Deep breathing exercises. These exercises are wonderful as a first step in getting your thoughts in control. It’s best to first start out with 3 – 4 good, deep breaths.

5. Teas and herbs. Herbs that are known to elevate serotonin are recommended, however always check with your personal physician.

6. Aromatherapy. This is a technique utilized in which by using the sense of smell, helps boosts moods, relieve stress, and encourage better health. Dozens of fragrant oil varieties are used; in which produce different results. For example, the scents of lavender and chamomile can help a person relax.

Why just ‘deal’ with stress?
Let’s kick it to the curb!

Stress relieving methods to use at home:

1. Take a relaxing bath

2. Watch a comedy show, movie, or your favorite comedian

3. Take a mini vacation for an hour, a day, or weekend.

4. Get languid with a massage!

5. Spend time with the television off. Try a great book to get your mind off.

6. Indulge in your favorite relaxing music with a nice glass of wine, beer, or a familiar cup of hot cocoa. Add some candles to further relax your mood.

7. Take it up with your journal. Sometimes there’s nothing like getting it all out onto paper and evaluating what’s in front of you. Writing in a journal can be a great emotional release.

8. Exercise! Moderated exercise can be a tremendous stress-reliever.

I hope these tips are easy to implement as they are very effective methods in helping to give stress the boot – even for good.

Additional Natural Stress Relieving Tips

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